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Fletro Pro V6.0 Premium Blogger Template

Fletro Pro Blogger Theme

Responsive Blogger template designed with UX for a better article reading experience.


Fletro is a blogger template designed for mobile first, the appearance is made modern and elegant from features to template layout, besides that this template is made more user friendly, layout of each element is neatly arranged and doesn't disturb the comfort of blog visitors.

Easy to Customize

Jagodesain trying to make this template easier to edit, now you can direcly change the colors via Blogger Theme Designer or Layout menu

  • Primary Color Option
  • SVG Icon
  • Custom Widgets

Fast Loading

Performance is a top priority in templates Jagodesain make, sites that perform well have many benefits and have more potential to be on first page of search results

  • Loads less than 1 second
  • Search engine optimized
  • Optimized for Speed

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AMP Version
  1. Fletro AMP
  2. Fletro AMP 3 Column
  1. Fletro Pro
  2. Fletro Pro 3 Column
Full Bundle
  1. Fletro Pro
  2. Fletro AMP
  3. Fletro Pro 3 Column
  4. Fletro AMP 3 Column

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Fletro Pro Changelog

- Update: 26 February 2019

  1. Improvements to support logo image on header
  2. Adding Ad Placement under title and end of the article
  3. A little improvement in Javascript code
  4. A little improvement in CSS code
  5. Adding an ad script widget to determine the ad in the middle of the article to appear in a certain paragraph order
  6. Added a widget for placing auto ad

- Update: 28 February 2019

  1. Adding recent and random posts
  2. Adding sticky sidebar
  3. Adding script to determine distance between ads in the middle of article
  4. Fixing some error on IE and Edge
  5. Little additions and improvements to CSS code

- Update: 21 October 2019

  1. Added several tutorial articles
  2. Little additions and improvements to CSS code

- Update: 5 November 2019

  1. Fixing the Night mode button, now this feature will still work even after refreshing the page
  2. Little additions and improvements to CSS code

- Update: 6 January 2020

  1. Release version v5.0

- Update: 20 January 2020

  1. Slight improvements to CSS code
  2. Fix ads above and below article appearing in inappropriate places
  3. Adding 2 middle article ad slots

- Update: 23 March 2020

  1. Slight improvements to CSS code
  2. Adding widget 2 middle article ads and related article ads, now you can directly add ads directly through the layout menu.
  3. Adding related articles in the middle of posts

- Update: 24 March 2020

  1. Lite version template release, more lighter and cheaper
  2. Removes jquery in the lite version

- Update: 3 April 2020

  1. Release AMP version

- Update: 26 April 2020

  1. Release template version 5.3
  2. Lighter and cleaner CSS code
  3. More easier to change colors
  4. More easier to customize the post widget
  5. Removing blogger's default javascript and jquery
  6. Modify the default Blogger comments
  7. Moving AMP pages to ?amp=1
  8. Improvements to the AMP version
  9. Change appearance of the popular post widget
  10. More easier to edit the whatsapp chat widget
  11. some other adjustments

- Update: 29 April 2020

  1. Release 3 column AMP version

- Update: 18 July 2020

  1. Release version 5.4
  2. Returns mobile navigation menu to the previous version
  3. Move Night Mode icon next to the search button
  4. Adding social media links in header and mobile navigation
  5. Added 'Grid mode' text to the grid button, to confirm that it's a clickable button
  6. Changing the CSS code on the menu grid, now the post order that appears will be sideways (previously decreased)
  7. Change font to 'Nunito Sans'
  8. Change the default search box to 'e.g. Tutorials'
  9. Changed the sentence 'Written by' to 'Posted by' on author profile
  10. Change 'Read Also' sentence in related articles to the Default sentence from blogger 'You may like this post'
  11. Change overall icon appearance to be more synchronized, including widget icons on the sidebar and comments
  12. Change image size format on thumbnails that automatically adjusts the aspect ratio
  13. Change table of contents format to pure CSS and HTML, now this feature can be used in AMP templates
  14. Change table format to be more responsive
  15. Change share menu button by adding 'Share on Whatsapp' and 'Telegram' share button
  16. Change layout of related articles in posts and table of contents
  17. Change script code in related post / related article
  18. Remove related post style to only 1 style
  19. Remove Label widget on Horizontal Menu
  20. Remove whatsapp chat widget
  21. Removes show / hide effect on sticky headers
  22. Remove color gradations in header and navigation menu
  23. Fixed bug that page was not responsive over the content width
  24. Fixed bug that header logo image was not showing on AMP version
  25. Separate scripts for ad middle, top and bottom of the article. Now hiding one ad slot will have no effect on other ad slots
  26. Maintains 'Night mode' and 'Grid mode' in AMP version (previously removed in AMP version)
  27. Change 'Profile' and 'FollowByEmail' widgets to be valid AMP
  28. Added total comments on 'FeaturedPost' and 'PopularPosts' widgets

- Update: 29 November 2020

  1. Release version 5.5
  2. Change of appearance
    • Added new fonts
    • Change icon
    • Change color of dark mode and address bar
    • You may like these posts
    • Support <p> tag on posts
  3. Post updates
    • Improved post tabs
    • Add a post description under post title
    • Added snippet article on home page
    • Automatic and semi-automatic addition of table of contents
    • Change publish date to last update
    • Added estimated reading time for articles
    • Changes appearance of some styles in the post
    • Added spoilers and accordions to posts
    • Added Facebook comment option
  4. Modify Blogger comments v3
    • Sort comments from newest
    • Change comment date to Time ago
    • Add image, qoute and html code in comments
  5. Blogger widget update
    • Profile Widget
    • PopularPosts and Label widgets
    • Added some widget in Footer section

- Update: 20 April 2021

  1. Release version 6.0
  2. Changelog
    • Removes Lite version from the product bundle
    • Rewrite CSS and HTML code
    • Changes the basic layout
    • Easier navigation menu
    • Easier to change social media links
    • All colors can be changed from the menu Themes > Customize
    • Lazysize script that supports background-images CSS
    • Simpler share button
    • More responsive Grid Mode
  3. Repair
    • Fixed some irreversible colors
    • Fixed unclickable comment icon
    • Fixed Table of Content script bug
    • Fixed date and author name that can't be hidden through Blogger layout
    • Fixed misaligned date position in Grid Mode view
    • And several other improvements
  4. Added New Features
    • Slider widget on homepage
    • PopularPosts widget with new look
    • New post style feature
    • New ad slot placement
    • Sponsored Post
    • Fullpage Post
    • Disqus onscroll comments
    • Comment pop-up (can be disabled)
    • Alternative navigation menu (can be edited directly from Blogger layout)
    • New icon availability

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